Ladies Night 7/2 Pairings

5:30: Susan Kolwitz, Judy Duthie, Molly Keaton, Karen West 5:40: Kerri Inglin, Denita Caudill, Tammy Wilson, Angela Hayes 5:50: Steph Muhich, Susie Dahlem, Taz Van, Angie Lightening

Golf PT Class Resources

As a supplement to our Physical Therapy for Golfers Program, we are providing you with some online resources courtesy of Physical Therapist Michael Huffington. ~~Warm Up Exercises For Golfers~~ ~~Wrist & Arm Strengthening~~ (use access code DJHPXV4Q) ~~Shoulder Strengthening~~ (use access code RBEQRR3J) ~~Wrist & Arm Stretches~~ (use access code H6JBQA6H) ~~Mid-Back & Shoulder Mobility~~ … Continued