Tournament & Event Descriptions

Winter Eclectic:                            

This is an 8-week event, weeks run Sunday through Saturday.  Players will play one round per week and compile a ‘ringer’ score using the best score made on each hole over the 8 weeks.  This is an off-season event intended to get you off your couch and out on the golf course.  Missing a week or two doesn’t hurt you too much, either.  Many players miss at least a week, and it’s hard to improve your score after 5-6 rounds anyway.  Gross and Net prizes awarded – All members with a valid handicap are invited to play.

Ladies’ Division Kick-Off:            

This is the official beginning of the Ladies’ Division golf season.  18-Hole competitions are played on Tuesday mornings, and 9-Hole competitions are played on Thursday mornings.  You will need to register with the Ladies’ Division and have a valid handicap to participate in the competitions.

Linden Masters:                           

Takes place on Masters Weekend in April.  Saturday and Sunday are separate competitions – you may play either day or both.  Draw a player’s name from the hat (only those who made the cut, of course) and combine your score with theirs for that day.  This is a fun way to experience a little bit of competition, and you also have someone to root for in the Masters!  Gross & Net prizes awarded – All members with a valid handicap are invited to play. 

Linden Triathlon:                         

Golf, Bowling, and Darts.  Make your own teams, should be comprised of 2 Men and 2 Ladies.  Play a 9-hole scramble at Linden followed by bowling at Daffodil, and then darts at Wayne’s.  This is event is big on fun!!  All members age 21 & over invited to play.

Men’s Kick-Off Scramble:           

This is the official beginning of the Men’s Division golf season.  The Kick-Off is a 5-man scramble format.  Coffee and donuts before the round, and lunch follows.  Gross & Net prizes awarded – Men aged 16 & over with a valid handicap are eligible to participate.  Sign up with your team or the Pro Shop will be happy to help pair you.

Men’s Night:                                 

Men’s Night is held on Wednesday nights from May through August.  The Pro Shop assembles teams for a 9-hole scramble, usually with a fun twist thrown in.  After golf, relax in the clubhouse and enjoy a great dinner with your favorite beverage.  This is a low-pressure format that helps you meet fellow members and have a great time doing it. 

Lessons & Wine:                           

Here is a fun program for the Ladies that is just what it sounds like: Golf lessons followed by wine tasting.  The lessons are presented in a very relaxed group format.  This is a great lead-in to Ladies’ Nights and an excellent way to meet fellow lady golfers.

Couples Mixer:                             

The Couples Mixer is a non-competitive social event held the first Sunday afternoon of each month from May through September.  Each couple is paired with another couple for a casual round of 9 holes – There is no competition and zero pressure… otherwise known as a hit-and-giggle!  After the round, enjoy a potluck dinner with your friends in the clubhouse.

Glow Ball Night Golf:                   

The most fun you can legally have on a golf course at night!  The course is set up with glow-in-the-dark equipment and you play with LED golf balls that light up on impact.  It’s amazing how well you can track the golf ball in flight in the night sky.  Truly a unique experience!

Sumner Food Bank Benefit Golf Tournament:          

Linden hosts this wonderful event that benefits the Sumner Community Food Bank.  This is a well-organized tournament featuring friendly people, local sponsors, and a lot of fun.  If you want to have a blast for a great cause, make sure you sign up for this one!

Dave’s Ball Buster:                      

This event is named in honor of longtime Golf Professional Dave Leon.  Also known as a Superintendent’s Revenge, Dave’s Ball Buster is the hardest you will ever see Linden play: tees set at tough angles, greens double-cut and rolled, and holes tucked in crazy locations!  Competition is optional, but feel free to come on out, have fun, and test yourself.

Ladies’ Night:                                

Come join the Ladies’ Night fun on Thursday evenings from June through August.  This is a low-pressure way to meet fellow lady golfers and have a nice meal afterwards.  We mix up the competition formats and it’s never too serious – If you like to laugh and have fun, you’ll fit right in!

Men’s Member-Guest:               

This is one of our flagship events and an opportunity to treat your friends to Linden at its best.  This event is held toward the end of June, and the golf course is usually in its best condition of the year.  Players receive a nice tee gift as a memento, along with two days of competition and lunch each day.  There is also an optional practice round and horserace to kick things off one day prior to the tournament proper.  This event fills quickly!

Bombay Tournament:                

The Bombay is another ‘major’ at Linden, held each July.  Pair up with another member to form a two-player team – Men and Women ages 18 and older are invited to play, and you must have a valid handicap.  There is a 7 stroke handicap spread limit between partners. Teams are sold at auction prior to the tournament to determine the purse.  The competition is a net best ball format within handicap divisions, with the top three teams in each division receiving a payout.  Any ties for the top three spots are broken via sudden-death playoff on Sunday afternoon.  The Bombay is one of the most intense competitive events we offer.


The Puget Sound Women’s Golf Association plays most of the top courses in our area, including Linden.  PSWGA events are a great way to branch out and compete against women from other clubs in a fun and friendly environment.  There are a variety of formats throughout the season.  If you have questions about PSWGA events or would like to get involved, please get in touch with our 2019 representative Joanne Ribail.

WWC PGA Senior Pro-Am:         

Linden plays host to a Senior Pro-Am every year.  Senior club professionals from around the area bring senior amateur players from their clubs, and we pair a senior player from Linden with each team to round out the foursome.  The Senior Pro-Am is both fun and competitive, and we get a chance to show off our golf course for a day.  Men and Women are invited to play – you must be 50 years of age at the time of the event and have a valid handicap. Sign up early because this one fills quickly!

Club Championships:                  

The Linden Club Championships are held in August to determine who holds bragging rights as a Linden Club Champion.  Two days of competition separate the contenders from the pretenders!  There are Men’s, Women’s, Senior, and Junior divisions along with handicap flights.  Gross and Net prizes awarded, plus crystal trophies for the Champions.

Staggette Day:                              

Staggette Day could also be called the Ladies’ member-guest tournament.  Each year has a different fun theme for dress & cart decorations, and the tournament is typically a low-pressure scramble format.  There are plenty of fun side games and lots of tasty food to eat.  This tournament also usually benefits a good cause, such as Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  If you would like more information, please contact the 2019 Staggette Day Chair Patricia Johnson.

Cross-Country Fun Day:              

A new way to experience your favorite golf course!  The course is set up in a cross-country routing to give you looks and golf shots you haven’t seen before.  Bring the family!

Linden Cup:                                   

The Linden Cup is a team event styled after the Ryder Cup or President’s Cup.  Players represent either Team Leon or Team Fatica and play three matches over the course of the weekend.  There are best ball and alternate shot matches on Saturday, followed by 18-hole singles matches on Sunday.  This event is a wonderful mix of friendly competition and camaraderie with your fellow members.  Men and Women with valid handicap are invited to play – Sign up early!


Here is a fun tournament in the spirit of Halloween.  Every player is provided a tombstone with their name and allotted number of golf shots (par of 72 + handicap strokes) before they tee off.  Once a player has used up all of their shots, they place their tombstone where they ‘died’ on the golf course.  Make the turn and keep going if you still have shots remaining after 18 holes.  The player who advances the farthest is the winner, and it’s a lot of fun to see where everyone’s tombstone ends up!  All members with a valid handicap are invited to play.

Turkey Shoot Poison Ball:          

If you haven’t played a Poison Ball, you are missing out on some serious fun!  This is a scramble format with a twist: On each hole, one player is assigned the ‘poison ball’ and must play their own ball for that hole.  So for each hole, the team will have two scores: the scramble score and the individual ‘poison ball’ score.  To add just a little more pressure, if a team loses their assigned poison ball, they receive a penalty.  Strategize carefully!  Men and Women with valid handicap are invited to play.