Opening Round Matches


Opening Round Matches



Jordan Pease vs. Stephen Janho

Paul Appel vs. Jeff Oberbillig

Kevin Brown vs. Cecil Snodgrass

Joshua Lackey vs. Bob Wiebusch

Keith Muhich vs. Steve Van Horn

Kyle Waltos vs. Steve Milligan

Pat Comen vs. Brenett Waltos

Dave McMasters vs. Terey Jennings



Johnny Spevak vs. Scott Campbell

Brian Pease vs. Scott Seelye

Matt Robertson vs. Jim Victor

Paul Stoltenberg vs. Bob Thompson

Jordan Wiebusch vs. Tom Kennedy

Gregg Wood vs. Randy Dorn

Bill Best vs. Dave Robertson

Frank Schatz vs. Dan Kraus



Tom Gerhard vs. Dan Seelye

Kelly Bethards vs. Mark Tomski

Devin Breshears vs. Dave Gale

Chad Lackey vs. Mark Dinham

Pat Keaton vs. Shannon Mahaffey

Gordy Nishimoto vs. Paul Green

Greg Jones vs. Al Sullivan

Andy Smith vs. Jon Thieman


The Brackets

  • -48 Players in the field will be split into 3 equal divisions and seeded using handicap indexes as of the May 15th revision
  • -Seeds assigned to brackets according to USGA match play guidelines

How the Matches Work

  • -You are responsible for setting up each match with your opponent by the specified date.
  • -Each match shall be played from the Black/Blue tees using each player’s current Course Handicap at the time of the match.
  • -The difference in handicap strokes shall be taken as they fall on the scorecard. For example, Player A has a course handicap of 4, and Player B has a 6. Player B would receive 2 strokes from Player A, to be applied on the #1 and #2 handicap rank holes.
  • -Please turn in your card with results of the match to the Pro Shop following your round.
  • -The winners of each division shall face off for the overall title of Linden Match Play Champion!