Match Play Begins!

Our Match Play Tournament is officially under way! We have set the brackets using the original 32 players who signed up. Please play your opening match no later than May 26th – Phone numbers and match rules are in the Pro Shop. Here is a list of opening round matches:


Steve Leonard vs. Brian Pease

Paul Appel vs. Cecil Snodgrass

Jordan Pease vs. Jake Dorn

Bob Wiebusch vs. Frank Schatz

Terey Jennings vs. Randy Isaac

Michael Hondel vs. David McMasters

Kevin Brown vs. Jordan Wiebusch

Kyle Waltos vs. Brenett Waltos


Dan Kraus vs. Mark Tomski

Jim Victor vs. Jim Halpin

Bill Best vs. Al Sullivan

Jerry Pratt vs. Paul Green

Scott Seelye vs. Tom Smillie

Tom Gerhard vs. Greg Jones

Tim Helling vs. Gordy Nishimoto

Kelly Bethards vs. Bob Thompson