Maintenance Update – April 17

In addition to last week’s spring aeration, our maintenance staff has been working hard on lots of projects to improve the course:

  • Tees & Approaches are being aerated Tuesday 4/17.
  • A “magic mix” of fertilizer, fungicide, and soil amendments was applied to the putting greens on April 12. The mix is formulated by analyzing soil samples from over 30 locations on the golf course. Watch the results in the coming weeks as your putting greens return to being the best around!
  • Ongoing removal of dangerous broken limbs from trees with yellow caution tape – Please stay out from under these trees as much as possible during your round!
  • The dwarf arborvitae trees have been removed from the back patio area of the clubhouse and will be replanted in a sunnier location.
  • Irrigation lines have been installed around and behind the 9th green to improve turf health and appearance.
  • Cart turnouts have been cut out behind the 9th green along the cart path.
  • The area under trees behind the 9th green have been landscaped and resodded to improve appearance and playability.

Come down to see the improvements for yourself and enjoy a round of golf on your beautiful course. We look forward to seeing you all down here!