Liquor License

The Board of Directors has decided to pursue a liquor license for Linden Golf & Country Club. The license will allow the club to sell liquor to members and guests as well as allow members to store and consume personal liquor at the club. Obtaining the license will take 3-4 months and involves several steps. The board has taken the first step by approving an amendment to the by laws as required by the liquor control board to allow the sale and consumption of liquor at Linden. The amendment has been posted at the club and will become effective 30 days from now. The liquor license application will be submitted to the Washington Department of Licensing in the next several days. Until the license is approved it remains technically illegal to consume alcohol at Linden but look forward to Spring when we will have to ability to bring back some Linden traditions and hopefully start some new ones. We’ll keep you posted on our progress as we move through the licensing process.